Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

I don’t know if it’s this hotel or Las Vegas has changed. But this hotel is ridiculous!

Stayed here for a conference with my husband. The rate was $189 but we decided to upgrade to a palace suite for an additional $70.

The room is quite large. We had two bathrooms with a connecting shower between the separate bathrooms. But it was nice to have a his and her toilet. The larger of the two bathroom has a huge tub and bidet as well.

The room itself is fairly large with sofa seating near the window as well as a desk.

There’s a Keurig coffee maker in the room but the cups are $12.99 for a little kit. That’s insanity.

There’s a fridge in the room but it’s weighed so you can’t take anything out to store your own items. And if u do take anything out, it says $75 for using fridge for personal use. Preposterous.

Food and drinks at the hotel is outrageous. Pronto by Giada is the fast food type breakfast. It was $22 for a vanilla latte and sausage breakfast sandwich.

Drinks at Gorden Ramsey’s pub was $15 for each draft beer. Nothing is cheap here.

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