Los Angeles Airport Marriott

If you are in the Los Angeles area and at the airport, avoid this place. The chaos of arrival at LAX airport is quite overwhelming. It takes time just to find the exit. Then you Go wait another 20 minutes on the center island for a shuttle outside of arrivals. Still awful. Then the shuttle makes 100 stops by a crazy driver and you will really lose any sense of serenity and calm.

When you finally get to the hotel (it took me 45 minutes) be prepared for long lines to check in. Ugh. It was like grand central station!

Once I made it to the desk, I finally grabbed my key and headed to the packed elevators.

Rooms were like every other Marriott at the airport. SFO, EWR both the same. Everything you need. Decent size and space.

I have to say the beds were super comfy. Surprisingly so. The shower had decent pressure as well.

The downstairs bar had a nice selection of food. I had a really good margarita and an awful glass of rose. $40.

The wait for the shuttle in the morning was about 10 minutes. There’s no set time. Just comes every 20 minutes. I don’t like that. But delta was the second terminal so it only took 10 minutes going back.

I would look for a closer place next time as the traffic to get to this hotel was crazy.

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