Magnetic False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Duo

I finally got to try to this year’s magnetic lash trend. I’ve been trying to get false lashes on for the last 20 years quite unsuccessfully. But I keep trying to find a solution for my naturally short and stubby eyelashes.

Last year I tried the magnetic false eyelash set. It was a duo set of false lashes with lashes on each side of magnets. So you had to place the false lashes on each side of your regular lashes and sort of snap the magnets together. I could never get them to lock together anywhere near my lash line.

This year’s trend is magnetic Eyeliner and lash sets. That means the Eyeliner creates the magnet that the false eyelashes attach to. So how are these innovative products actually working?

First off, I tried the Ardell magnetic lash set. This is a Kit with a set of false eyelashes and a magnetic eyeliner that comes packaged in a black pot with an application brush. The pot Eyeliner is applied like any standard eyeliner with a stiff flat end taklon brush to line the eye with a deep black charcoal layer. You then lay the lashes on top in which the eyeliner is supposed to magnetize/adhere the lashes. It doesn’t work, the lashes and magnetic eyeliner were much to weak. The magnetic eyeliner was not strong enough to attach the false eyelashes. FAIL.

Next I tried M 05 Lashes from Amazon. This had great reviews. A magnetic lash duo which contains a magnetic liquid liner and false lashes. The kit also came with some useless lash tweezers.

First off, the Liquid liner is basically glue. It’s a highly sticky liquid eyeliner in shiny black kohl that lashes adhere to.

If the liquid eyeliner was magnetic, I couldn’t tell. The ends of the lashes would pop out of place after the day wore on. Once I added more liquid liner, the false lashes adhered again. So I basically believe it was more glue than magnetic.

But that being said, I have never been able to get lashes to adhere properly so maybe there is some weak type of magnet that sort of got the lashes in place a little easier? I’m not sure.

But I have to say once these were on, I loved them! They looked beautiful.

Fast forward 4 hours and the corner of the lashes popped up and away from the lash line. Just on one said but enough that I was self conscious of it.

When I attempted to remove this though, it was super hard. The liquid liner/glue kind of looked chunky and came off on clumps. I also had to really scrub which left my lash line a little raw. Probably not what anyone wants. But I have to say, I loved the look. It has renewed my interest in attempting false eyelashes with glue.

Overall, I found the pot liner doesn’t work at all. The glue in the liquid liner was more effective but more or less glue with maybe a slight aid of the magnetic properties to settle on the lash line easier. I’m going to attempt glue again!

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