Barceló Hotel Malaga

Do you want a quick and easy place to stay in Malaga? I ended up in Malaga last minute. A search of my trusted American Express fine resorts and hotels left me with no good options! So instead I began a search for cheap, convenient and clean hotels.

This hotel is attached to the train station. That way you can take the train directly from the airport to the city center. Around the back of the train station is this convenient hotel.

While it is by the train station, you are about a mile from the old town/central sites. It would have been nice to be closer to everything but this was convenient. It’s next to a hop on hop off bus station as well as numerous tour starting points. Malaga is relatively compact so it’s easy to navigate.

It’s also the home of the inside slide for adults. For some reason you can take a slide from the second floor to the first. See photos!

The rooms were clean and reasonably sized. No carpet which I loved. It’s got a rather modern feel to it with the decor. It had everything you need.

This hotel is also under $150 a night. Overall, a great place to stay!

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