Holiday Inn Baltimore Airport

If you need a place to stay near the Baltimore Airport, I highly recommend this place. A last minute diversion had me scrambling for a hotel. There were a few hotels that were $20-$30 cheaper but none had a restaurant and bar. And after my day, I needed food and a drink.

So I grabbed this place last minute on Hotels tonight for $112 total. I probably could have walked in and got a better rate. They have a shuttle on call within 5 minutes of the airport. The shuttle got to me quickly.

Check in was standard. No issues there. The rooms are HUGE! There’s a sofa section, desk with keurig coffee machine alone with two double beds, tv and mini fridge. It is carpeted which I hate, but it wasn’t that old. Clean with fresh linens.

The bathroom was also fairly large with a shower tub with amazing water pressure. It’s a room you could live in if you have ever seen those type of apartment hotels.

The highlight was the bar and restaurant! It was really good. We got quesadillas, chicken sandwich and steak Cobb salad. All were delicious! I was shocked to get such a good meal at a holiday inn.

In the morning between 4am and 9am, the shuttle is every 20 minutes. After that, the shuttle is available on call. And you are at airport in 5 minutes! Really easy!

So if you need a hotel near BWI, stop here! It’s great!

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