Quick Trip to Berlin

An extra flight section allowed me to hop on a flight to Berlin. It was a half empty flight and I’ve never been to Berlin so I thought why not?

After the 7 hour flight, we landed early morning in TXL airport. We had to exit the airport via the portable jetway stairs and shuttle over to the terminal. There were long lines if you didn’t hustle to the front. Luckily I was one of the first passengers off the airplane so my wait at customs was only about 10 minutes where they throughly checked my passport. Then I was off.

A quick walk out of the baggage area led me outside. There are stairs to exit the airport. Quite inconvenient with luggage. Upon making it out of the terminal, I tried to catch the express bus but the ticket machine would not accept any credit cards so I opted for Uber instead. Back up the stairs as the ride share pickup is located by the taxis.

A half hour Uber ride was only $25 and I didn’t have to switch buses to the train etc. I think it was worth it!

I stayed in the Mitte area which is recommended for all first time travelers. It’s where most of the tourist sites are. I stayed at the Hilton Berlin. It was 15 minutes from everything! Check out my review next week.

After I checked into the hotel and grabbed a quick nap and shower, I headed out about 1pm into Berlin. The major tourist spots in Berlin are rather central so I was able to see everything on my list by 8pm.

My bucket list item was to see the Nefertiti statue in the Nereus Museum. So I headed there first. Was able to see the old cathedral and all the beautiful buildings of the Museum Island complex.

Nefertiti was spectacular! I did a quick walk around all the floors and I then headed over to the cathedral. I opted to buy a ticket into the cathedral to see the spectacular views of Berlin! 276 steps but worth it! Great photo op!

When I finished, I went over to the small old town passing some churches and beautiful fountains. After that, I headed toward Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was about a twenty minute walk. And these three sites are within a few minutes of each other.

I then walked about 15 minutes to Checkpoint Charlie and Topography of Terror Museum and Berlin Wall exhibit. It was really an eye opening experience to see it all in person.

After that, I had a ten minute walk back to my hotel for dinner and bed! So I was able to see the majority of sites in roughly six hours. It’s a great walking city.

The next morning I was able to do a full day tour to Dresden. The Hilton is located right next to the subway, so I was able to buy a round trip ticket to the zoo where the meeting point for the tour was.

I booked the full day tour with Insider Tours and it only cost 59 euro for the day. Very convenient. It was a large tour bus but it had plenty of comfy seats for the ride to Dresden.

Although Dresden was destroyed during World War II, it has been restored to its original splendor. It’s just a beautiful city to see.

After my tour, I returned to my hotel and had dinner and packed up. Departure out of TXL was simple. I took an Uber back to the airport and jetted back to the USA.

I highly recommend a few days in Berlin for anyone. Especially anyone interested in the Holocaust or teens learning about WWII. It’s truly a walk back in time. In fact, I can’t wait to go back for the Christmas markets!

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