Hotel Moresco Venice Italy Review

A last minute trip to Venice left me hunting for a hotel. Although I prefer five star hotels, they were averaging over $400 a night and upwards of $1,000! So I lowered my preference to Four star hotels.

Hotel Moresco was the number one overall hotel in Venice. Kinda shocked. That being said, the roughly $200 a night hotel sounded perfect. Highly ranked and cheap! Perfect!

So how did I get to the island of Venice? You have three public transportation options, Public bus, ACTV express bus and the Alilaguna boat. All three are roughly the same price (8 euro) but the express bus is direct to Piazzale Roma and next to Ferrovia train station. It can’t be any easier. I know you think you want to take the boat, but it’s roughly an hour and a half packed like a sardine where it’s hard to get a window. If you have enough people then a private taxi can be worth it.

After arriving in Venice airport, you simply exit the secure area after customs and the desk for tickets to Venice is right next to it. Then just go outside and wait for your bus. So quick.

After a quick shuttle ride to Piazzale Roma, I was off in search of this hotel. And let me tell you, it’s not easy to find. The bus drops you off in the center across from a huge modern bridge. Don’t take that. Go to the right instead and cross over then water further down. The hotel is less that five minutes from the Piazzale Roma. Just to the right. Don’t go straight or left.

The hotel is situated in a quiet spot away from the crowds but there’s still plenty of activity down the street.

Check-in was quick but my room wasn’t ready. However, the hotel offered me a complimentary welcome beverage. Beer, wine, soda, cappuccino, you name it. It was also served with a delicious pastry. I got a delicious cappuccino and pastry. Excellent!

After a brief half hour wait, my room was ready. It was great. Wasn’t huge but also wasn’t really small either. Bed was a little stiff but it was immaculate and spotless. I felt clean!

No view as I had ground floor but the bathroom was quite spacious. They had bathrobes and slippers with large size toiletries. My room was a handicapped room so the shower was designed to open for a wheelchair. It was awkward at first but i figured out how to work the shower perfectly, it was hot with good pressure.

The hotel also included a complimentary bottle of Prosecco as well as two bottled waters. Plus coffee In the room.

I didn’t eat breakfast either day but it did look very nice. A little of everything plus eggs made to order.

The area around the hotel was quiet so you don’t have to worry about street noise. As far as things to do, there were plenty of restaurants nearby to eat and drink. And you are not far from the action and busy areas of the grand canal.

Checkout was quick. It was a 5 minute walk to the bus for the airport now that I knew my way. If u take the right bridge, it’s got a ramp for your bags so that you only have to cross one other small bridge with your luggage. Super convenient.

The bus left on schedule. It was only a 15 minute drive to the airport early in the morning.

Overall, I loved this hotel. For just about $190 a night it was better than some 5 star hotels I have stayed at. Would definitely stay here again.

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