Tarte Icy Betch Eyeshadow Palette

I absolutely love teal eyeliners as you can tell from the majority of my Eyeliner reviews. Well, I love a good teal shadow palette too. When i saw the preview of Icy Betch I had to have it. An eyeshadow palette consisting of all blues, greens and teals, right up my alley.

I have to say, after the initial thrill of applying it, I found myself avoiding this palette. It’s just too much blues/teals! That’s exactly what’s wrong with this palette, it only contains wild colors. I’m glad there is a white and gold shimmer but it’s still just an overwhelming amount of bright colors. This palette would have been amazing with a shimmery taupe and shimmery chocolate and gunmetal. It’s just too much blue.

That being said, I found the colors to be nicely pigmented. The pics below are just a soft swipe of each shade but if you use a dense brush, you get a lot of rich pigment. It does seem like a few of the colors are similar. The navy’s are virtually indistinguishable. True shimmery navy, both of them. The teals are also fairly similar albeit one with shimmer and one without. The matte white and pale blue were a little chalky and didn’t do much. I loved the shimmery green.

Overall, although I loved the shades, a variety of colors with an emphasis on teals would have been better. Released Spring 2019.

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