Luzzo Boat Tour to Gozo and Comino and the Blue Lagoon in Malta

My hotel recommended a day trip cruise to Gozo and Comino. It wasn’t on my radar as an option but the price was right so I opted to try this tour out.

First off, the price was 45 euro for the full day. That included pickup from my hotel at 8:45am. We had a huge shuttle bus take us 10 minutes across the bay to Sliema. We then transferred boats and got on a much larger boat with a ton of people. This took about an hour of us sitting there waiting for everyone.

The boat then takes about an hour and a half to your first stop in Gozo while hugging the large expanse of the coast of Malta. There’s occasionally commentary but not much. And it’s hard to hear but you aren’t missing much. ***Hint, sit on the left side on the cruise to Gozo. There’s only one thing to see on right and we pass it later and get much better pics. And it’s cold in the wind so bring a jacket.

After the long long ride (no idea MALTA was so big) we arrived on Gozo where we shuttled onto old school packed mini buses. Quite the squeeze.

We are driven though some non memorable towns and stop at Dwerya where you can do a 15 minute boat ride through the caves. There used to be an arch but it collapsed on 2017. But it’s pretty. But very bumpy. That was 4 euro each. The boats are waiting for the tour buses so just hurry over.

Then we hopped back on the bus to the capital of Gozo where we have an hour to eat lunch or visit the citadel. Pretty but nothing you have to see. We stopped at Cafe Jubilee for a quick satisfying bite.

We then hopped back on the bus and back to the boat with a quick stop overlooking the port for photos.

After getting on the boat again, we cruise 15 minutes to Comino and the Blue Lagoon. Sit on either side. The island is amazing. You have one hour free time. We chose to hike to the scenic areas for amazing photos!! Then we got back on the boat for an hour back to Malta. Hint, this time sit on the right for great views of the caves and coast of Malta.

We arrived back in Valletta at 5:30 pm where the boat stopped at our hotel before docking in Sliema. Overall, it was a beautiful day.

I don’t think this would be a great trip in bad weather. And the stops in Gozo were just average. But the Blue Lagoon is a photography dream so I was quite happy.

Oh and free soda beer and wine on the boat all day. There was a group of German kids who were really getting their money’s worth! But there’s no way you can see all this stuff without a boat so I highly recommend this tour!

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