Day trip to Malta

Weather was bad in Europe all week so I was looking for somewhere to go last minute. Malta has been in my bucket list and flight loads looked decent so I decided to try it. So glad I did! Malta is gorgeous!

I ended up flying to Paris because the connecting flight got to Malta the earliest. For A zed fare of $75, I went from CDG to MLA on Air Malta.

Connecting through CDG airport. WOW. Not easy. I landed in terminal M at 7am. After a brisk 10 minute walk to connections, I had to go through a security gate. I hate this when I’m connecting. I mean I just got off a plane with security and now I have water. Got to dump all my water and go through another security check. I haven’t even gone anywhere!

But I digress. After the security check I was transferring over to terminal 2d. After a wait for the bus and a twenty minute ride through the terminals, I ended up in 2d. Then you go through passport control and exit and go back in. Luckily I have time cause I’ve already been trying to connect for 50 minutes and I’m still not at my next gate.

I check in with Air Malta and I am given a boarding pass but no seat yet. I have to go through another security check but I make it into the terminal. A little over an hour. If there were any lines at the second security check, this would have taken longer.

Although this terminal is small, there’s actually a priority pass lounge. So I grab breakfast and charge all my computers.

I go back to the gate after the lounge. A half hour before the flight, I am given a seat. You are then bused to your plane where you board the plane after climbing those moveable stairs.

Arrival in Malta was easy. The gates are remote, so you walk down the steps and head on to a bus to the small terminal. Then you just walk out of the terminal. No customs or additional security checks. On the left side of the building is tourist information office. They told me where to catch the bus and where to get off, which is right outside the terminal.

For 1.50 euro, I’m able to ride the bus 15 minutes to the old town of Valletta where my hotel is five minutes down the street. Check out my review of the Grand Excelsior. I’m at my hotel by 2pm.

After a quick shower, I head to the Old Town of Valletta where I visit the church and all the top photo spots. I take in the sights for about 5 hours. I stop for pizza at Il Teatro. Fantastic. Bedtime!

Next morning I board the boat for my day trip to Gozo and Comino. Fantastic! Check out my review.

The next morning, I depart at 5 am for a flight to Frankfurt on KLM. Check in was quick and security was easy. And then my flight back to the USA from Germany. All in all, a great day and a half in Malta. I would have liked to stay longer and see Popeyes village! And some of the other areas of Malta. It’s much bigger than I thought!

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