Barcelona Day Trip to Medieval Villages Tour

During my stay in Barcelona I decided to take a tour to the medieval villages north of the city. I booked the medieval villages tour through Viator. The tour was operated by a company named Explore Catalayuna which I had used previously for a Costa Brava tour. You visit three medieval villages, Besalu, Rupit and Tavertet.

The tour left the Explore Cataluyna office promptly at 8:30 am on a mini bus. Seats 22 people and there were 21 of us. All passengers must meet at the Explore Cataluyna office as hotel pickup was not an option. The office is located next to the Gaudi theater.

We then promptly boarded a big mini size bus. Roughly a one hour and forty minute drive to the first stop. The picturesque town on Besalú. Our guide walked us around for twenty minutes and explained a little history. We then had one hour to explore. It was more than enough time to see the whole town. This was the best stop of the bunch.

We then jumped back in our minibus for a forty minute drive to Rupit. Our guide took us around for twenty minutes with commentary and then we had two hours free time for lunch.

I chose to eat at Le Hort de Can Roca recommended by our guide. It was high up but the view has the parking lot between the city so it doesn’t photograph well. Food was very cheap and decent.

We then hopped on the bus for twenty minutes to Tavertet. We walked around for twenty minutes and left. The most boring of the three villages. Only the church seemed medieval. There was also a good view point of the valley but that was it.

We then traveled back an hour and a half to Barcelona. Overall, it was an okay tour. I much preferred my Costa Brava tour. The villages didn’t have much to see. The latter two villages were so tiny there wasn’t even much to look at. A couple streets are medieval. That’s all. There are much better medieval cities along the costa brava.

Fun facts; Tavertet. 115 people. Besalú 2000 and Rupit 230. So you can see that the towns didn’t have much to do due to the lack of people. It was a nice day but I would only do this tour if I run out of things to do in the area.

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