Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport

Ugh. I couldn’t get a hotel at the Frankfurt airport. The Sheraton and Hilton both sold out. Desperation took me to the Hotels Tonight App where I found this hotel for $124.

It says it’s located 10 minutes from terminal 2. But it was dark so I decided to take the shuttle. As far as the shuttle goes, it’s a big bus that goes every half hour to several hotels. What a pain. And the drive was 15 minutes with the stops! Will check out the walk on the return.

Check in had a line but it moved fast. I was lucky to get a nice guy working the desk. He told me if I’m in town for business there’s no tax. So remember that tip. You write down any company name. He was also nice enough to give me free bottled water.

The hotel looks brand new or was recently renovated. The carpets were fresh and the hotel design was modern. Nothing overly plush or luxurious but clean lines.

My room was big enough for one night with everything you need. The bed was a little firm but it was clean.

The bathroom is also small but contains everything you need. It does only have one wash for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I don’t love that for my long hair, but it works well enough.

Headed to the downstairs bar/restaurant for dinner. I thought prices and selection were pretty good for an airport hotel.

Dinner was pretty good. I got the Wiener schnitzel. It was a big portion and reasonably priced.

Check out in the morning was easy. Just leave key and go if you don’t need a receipt. Morning walk was 10 minutes to terminal two but it’s uphill part of the way and beside a six lane road. It was a slight hassle but I wanted to try it out. Overall, this is a good hotel at the airport. I would stay here again.

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