Day Trip to Oslo, Norway

Flights are already getting busy with Spring Break starting. So my flight options for a quick trip were rather limited. Frankfurt was open so I looked for flight connections. Oslo has 5 flights a day on Lufthansa and one on SAS, so that gives me some alternatives to get in and out.

Got first class from Atlanta to Frankfurt. Arrived in Frankfurt at 8:30am. Booked the Lufthansa flight at 10:35am. Lufthansa issued me a seat and boarding pass when I booked. Which is fantastic. When you ZED fare, sometimes airlines don’t clear you. So it’s nice to know I had a seat 11 hours beforehand.

Problem is Delta is in Terminal 2 while Lufthansa is 1 at Frankfurt airport, Terminal 1. So how easy/hard is making the connections?

After we landed the jet bridge was inoperable so we had to wait on the plane for half an hour for manual stairs to be brought over. Once that half hour was over, I had to walk from terminal 2 D gates to the internal train to get to terminal 1 A gates. Once there, you go through a security check and customs. I did have a boarding pass issued for my next flight. I’m not sure if I would have had to exit the airport if I needed a boarding pass. It took me a total of 37 minutes. I walked quite a bit. I’d estimate a solid mile at least from my step counter.

The only Priority Pass lounge in Terminal 1 was located near gates B and C. Since I was all the way in A, I wasn’t about to go back. Much too far. So instead, I just waited at the gate.

The flight was on time. Boarding took forever since we had to be bussed over to a remote pad. So be on time. The flight was an hour and 45 minutes. Upon landing, I headed straight to the train. It’s very quick. Walking 10 minutes you can exit and be on the train. There’s ticket machines as well as a live person.

I took the train to the theater exit. Half hour. I exited at the Karl Johans gate side and immediately saw my hotel, Hotel Continental. A five star hotel right in the city center.

After checking in, I cruised around the harbor area, the old fort, and the shopping area to the Palace. Dinner at my hotel.

Day 2

I headed to the Viking Museum and Fram Museum. I really loved the Viking Museum. I could have skipped the Fram. Each roughly $20 for entry.

I jumped on the express bus to the airport. It cost 195 kroner which is $22.50. It leaves every 10 minutes. It’s quick, clean, fast, and efficient. You buy tickets from the easy to use kiosk between tracks 3 and 4 near the escalator. I departed my hotel at 2pm. Bought tickets and caught the 2:14pm train. I was at the airport at 2:44. Half an hour. You exit the train via a ticket machine so keep your ticket handy.

Then walk straight into the airport and departures upstairs. Straight to the departure security checkpoint. It took a total of 10 minutes. I had to wait until boarding to get a seat but I got one which was great.

After landing in Frankfurt, I needed a hotel for the night. The airport hotels were all sold out. So I opted for the Holiday Inn. Check out my review. It was really pretty nice. New and clean! Shuttle took forever. It’s every half hour and it was crowded arriving at 6pm.

After a restless night of sleep, I walked to the airport from my hotel. It was 10 minutes. Once I got to the airport I had to collect my boarding pass. Although I could check on online, I had to go to the delta counter. That took 12 minutes.

Next, was in line to gate. I had to go through customs and then to the gate area for a security check. Took a total of 20 minutes. It was cutting it close. If I had any hiccups I would not have made it to the gate on time.

**Mistakes. I needed two days in Oslo. One was not enough. I missed out on the opera house and Vigeland sculpture park. I probably would have stopped by the Munch museum and open air museum as well. I simply ran out of time. I would have loved to do a fjord tour but in the winter those are only offered Saturday Sunday and Monday. There’s also no hop on hop off bus in the winter. I would love this place in the summer! So consider that for your trip to Oslo!

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