Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Caviar

I was recently at a Cosmetic Store Outlet where you got half off if you spent $200. Being that I love makeup, I can spend $200 in a few minutes. The Cosmetic Store Outlet carries Estée Lauder Brands at a discount. They carry Clinique, Smashbox, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Becca, Origins, etc, and of course Estée Lauder. They usually have past collections at a discount. Maybe 25% off but when they have a sale the deals are unbeatable. I especially like buying high end brushes.

But lo and behold they had Tom Ford this time! I’ve never had a chance to try this prestige brand. The prices on his products are pretty ridiculous. But I figured with the additional percentage off, I could try a couple items. Huge mistake.

The Caviar Cream Color for Eyes is marketed as a luxurious cream eyeshadow to illuminate the eyes in eight metallic shadows designed to seamlessly glide onto the eye without creasing or smudging. Retails for a whopping $46. Comes in a small screw top pot with .3 oz of product.

I think my first issue with this product was my expectations. I thought this could be used as eyeliner. I picked up Caviar, a pigmented shimmery gunmetal. The formula is not hard like a gel pot eyeliner but almost like a jar of cream. Just a little more firm. But I’d say it’s closer to cream than gel. Which made lining with this hard. No matter which brush I used, the product didn’t apply smoothly. I could get it to line but it was just harder to apply than a gel pot eyeliner. And then, it didn’t last anyway. Faded by the end of the day leaving microfine glitter. So disappointing.

But my review should also include how this was actually meant to be applied. As a cream eyeshadow. I would not have picked up this dark color for eyeshadow had I known it wasn’t great for eyelining. But I digress, how did it work as shadow?

It’s dark. This is for very Smokey eye look. Not for the faint of heart. I used a small flat taklon cream brush to apply and blended with my fingers. The color applied very smoothly. I could blend it with my finger to get fairly even color. That can be a problem with some cream shadows. But it’s very pigmented and easy to apply. It lasted all day with just minor creasing. And no smudging.

I have to say as an eyeshadow it’s good. As a liner it’s bad. I definitely picked the wrong color as I don’t need an eyeshadow this dark. And although my cost ended up at $17.25. It wasn’t worth it for me.

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