Sigma Lip Concealer Kit

I normally don’t use a lip primer. I find they usually dry my lips out. But every once and awhile I need one. Why? To get a true lipcolor. The shade of your lipstick is vastly affected by the pigment in your lips. Ever wonder why some lipsticks look different on other people? Or why the color in the tube looks different on your lips? The pigment in your lips!

A lip primer can help with this. A lip primer is like concealer for your lips. It’s minimizing the amount of pigment in your lips so you can get a truer shade. This is especially great with nude shades. A good lip primer can also help keep your lipstick on longer.

QVC has several Sigma kits online than include brushes and products. I really enjoy the Sigma brushes. You basically pay for a top quality brush and get the product for free. For $25 you get a Quality taklon brush and full size lip primer.

The brush in this kit is great. Sleek black handle with a taklon thin flat head that’s ideal for applying cream products. The pot of lip primer is large and will last forever. You simply swipe the brush in the product and tap on the lips. The primer blots out your natural lip color into a beige neutral base. Then simply apply any lipcolor.

I loved the brush. Top quality. The primer is fine. Does what it’s supposed to do. I just find that it dries out my lips. My lipstick did last longer but this product adds no moisture. If your lipstick migrates into fine lines, this product will also help with that. I can’t give it 5 stars because it dries out my lips but it’s still a solid 4.

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