Seven Month Mark of Blogging

I’m nearing seven months of blogging and getting nowhere. Although I have over 100 followers, none of them are reading my stuff. I have three or four who will and actually like my blogs. But for the most part, I keep liking all my followers blogs and they don’t return the favor. What the heck? Should I drop them? Is that a thing people do on WordPress like Instagram? Get a follower and immediately drop them when you follow them?

There’s still quite a few things I don’t understand. Why do I get occasional followers whose pages/blogs I can’t see? The link says unavailable. Some of them I have to look up on google to find their blogs. Others, I find strange links. It’s not just simply click, follow, and read. What’s up with that? Why is that? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I only access WordPress via my IPad?

I got my first link to work. Finally. I think. So there’s one positive.

But I think that’s the only thing working. This is feeling like a big waste of time.

Is my content boring? I once heard if you blog, you need something special, unique. With so many blogs out there, you need something to set you apart from others. My sister has had a blog forever. She recently came up with a hook, writing about hotels with spas. Now she gets invited to various hotels with spas for free. Does she still have to do a lot of work, yes. But my point is, am I really blogging about anything unique or special?

I’m just writing reviews about products I have tried or places I have been. What’s great about that? I look up hotels all the time on TripAdvisor. Why come here?

And as far as product reviews, everyone has videos now. You see people trying products right on the video. Is reading about products a thing of the past? You can easily read Sephora’s customers reviews right under the product description. Maybe writing reviews about products is a waste of time.

I see those advertisements for getting more followers by buying various things. Do I have to spend more money?

And Do I really have to expand all my apps. I use Instagram and Pinterest. But I just add pictures of my travels. Nothing else. I don’t have any of the other social media apps. Do I have to join twitter, Facebook and whatever else is cool? How do I even link it all together.

I also don’t share my blog posts with family or friends. My blog is supposed to be anonymous. I can’t tell anyone about it because I don’t want people to know. Is this really holding me back?

Paying for followers! SEO? I don’t even get what that is. I spent the initial money to start the blog. I figured I would try it for a year. More than 6 months have already passed. I wasn’t planning on spending more money if my blog isn’t going anywhere.

I also have accidentally deleted comments. I haven’t selected delete. I just try and approve the comment and they suddenly delete. What’s up with that?

So basically is my blogging a waste of time?

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