Atlanta Holiday Inn South

When I work I get the pleasure of staying at mediocre hotels. From really disgusting places to a few nice ones. I was not looking forward to my two nights in the Holiday Inn South.

Upon arriving in Atlanta airport, you exit the terminal towards the shuttles. Cross the street and line up in the designated area of your hotels. I had called the Hoiday Inn and they were coming around every 20 minutes on the hour.

After a short ten minute wait, I was on my way to the hotel. It’s a roughly 10 minute drive.

The check-in was quick and easy. Headed up to my room. I automatically noticed the carpets looked new.

Upon entering my room I was pleasantly surprised. The carpets had just been replaced and the room was updated. The linens were fresh and new. Very soft and nicer than I was expecting.

The bathroom had not be refurbished but it was still fine. Plenty of sink space and a big shower. Shower was pretty good overall.

Ate dinner at the hotel bar, a restaurant called Burger Theory. There were no happy hour specials but our food was pretty good and so was the wine.

Overall, I would stay here again which I normally don’t say about a holiday inn!

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