Trader Joe’s Body Butter Trio

Trader Joe’s released a few holiday items for 2018. Included was this body butter trio. You get three 3 oz. silver tins with screw tops. Comes with three scents, Lemon Verbena, Frosted Berry, and Almond Honey. The set will only set you back $7.99 for a three!

Now I’ve purchased Josie Maran’s body butters and those are much more expensive than these. So how does it compare?

The formula is very rich and thick. You can swipe some on your finger and hold it upside down, the product is so thick. The formula is very hydrating and not greasy. Leaves your skin soft.

The scents are all great. Lemon Verbena is a classic fresh lemon scent. Almond Honey reminds me of old school Body Shop. It’s a vanilla like nut scent. Frosted Berry is a crisp Sugared berry scent. All great scents. Not a bad one in the bunch.

Overall this is a great set if your find any left!

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