Cabo Adventure Tours

I couldn’t golf with my husband one day so I opted to take a two hour whale watching tour to see the whales and the famous Cabo arches. I set the tour up with my hotel. They gave me a discount from the listed price but who knows if I could have gotten it cheaper.

Round trip transportation is included From your hotel. My pick up was 11:15am but actually happened at 11:20am. One more stop for more guests and we arrived at the cattle call. I mean a building in the marina with a massive line to check in. It took about 15 minutes to drive to the marina.

Inside the building we stood in a massive line with only three people checking guests in for every tour Cabo Adventures has. The line took about 20 minutes.

You then go outside to a waiting pen with drinks for sale while you wait for your tour group. Once the group gathers, you walk as a group to the marina to board the boat.

The boat ended up being a raft. Yes, a giant raft called a Zodiac with two super fast engines. Now I’m not a big boat fan as it is, but this raft was kinda scary. I mean what if a whale bumped it? We would all be turned over and swimming. I guess that’s why life jackets are mandatory?

They told the thrill seekers to go up front. I opted for the back where this would be less bounce at high speed.

We all piled in and took off. First it’s a slow cruise out of the marina. You head past lovers beach and do a quick swing around the famed arches. Along with all the other boats.

Then it’s a speed ride over the the whale area. You then slow down and watch for whales. The boat driver, photographer and guide all know how to spot the whales. They see a spot and we jet off toward them. Then we follow them around for about an hour.

We saw a lot of whales. There were two playing so we saw tales and spouts and they were flipping their fins in the air. We did not see a full breach (when whale jumps out of the water) but we saw a lot of action with them playing..

The return back to the marina takes about twenty minutes. The views along the beach are stunning. When you arrive, they send you back to the building to purchase the shots taken by the professional.

Now here was the worst part. The ticket price included a round trip transfer. We got back at 2pm. The next transfer wasn’t until 4pm. Very annoying. I didn’t want to hang out at the marina so I jumped in a cab.

Overall, it was an enjoyable 4 hour side trip to see the whale of Cabo San Lucas. Tips to keep in mind, there’s no covered area in the raft. So you need sunscreen and a hat and sunglasses. But the boat goes fast so make sure your hat stays on. I got a little spray at one point but never got wet. So check out the whale next time you are in Cabo!

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