Pueblo Bonita Pacifica Cabo San Lucas

Our second hotel in Cabo was the all inclusive Pueblo Bonita Pacifica. Situated directly on the ocean, the hotel is very big. The grounds are immaculately pristine with a desert oasis and beautiful pools that are carved into the resort like a water sidewalk. Very pretty. And you walk out directly to the beach with stunning views. The hotel is also adults only so there’s no screaming kids racing about. I can see why this was rated one of the most romantic all inclusive resorts in the world.

We chose to stay here specifically for the golf. Quivera golf course. A spectacular tricked out golf course nestled along the coast line. Really a beautiful golf course.

We chose the cheapest room and I felt like we got that. A 350 square foot room. The balcony looked over the garden. We were on the First floor so you could hear people on top of you. There was No view except of the desert like grounds.

Bed was comfy. But small sugar ants were everywhere. The mini fridge has a few sodas and beers and waters, all included.

The bathroom had a large shower with incredible pressure. My favorite part of the room! Overall the room was fine. It was clean with comfortable bed and a great shower.

Now we have never stayed at an All Inclusive resort before. I love the idea of everything included but if it’s all bad what’s the point?

We ate at all three restaurants on site at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. You can also go to the restaurants at the other sister resorts, the Rosa, Blanco or Sunset. Three restaurants had upcharges. And all the restaurants had select items that were up charges. I found his super cheap. It’s supposed to be all inclusive but all the “good” stuff was extra.

Here’s a quick roundup of the restaurants at the Pacifica.

Pescados sushi. Typical Sushi restaurant. It was average. Everything was edible but nothing was fantastic. My husband loves sushi and he never wanted to go back.

Siempre Restaurant. This was labeled as Mediterranean Mexican. Awful. The restaurant itself is located in the middle of the resort and had a nice open feeling. I liked the decor as well. The menu was a strange variety. We only ate a few bites of each plate. The best thing was the gnocchi.

Peninsula Restaurant. This was the best sit down restaurant at the hotel. The restaurant had a high end romantic ambiance. The outdoor area had some fire pits too. Once again the best entrees had a upcharge. But we actually enjoyed the food here. But nothing was spectacular.

Beach bar. Located at the pool. This had the best food of the resort. Casual fare. Tacos burgers etc. Everything here was great but it’s more of a casual fast food type of place. It’s only open at lunch until 5pm.

There is also 24/7 in room dining that is included. We had breakfast every morning and it was pretty good. Eggs and bacon and toast. Only took about 30 minutes to get our food to arrive. but they took forever to pick up your tray.

There are also three other sister resorts where you can eat and drink for free. Pueblo Bonita Rose, Blanco and Sunset. We took a shuttle from Pacifico to Sunset and then a shuttle to Rose. For some reason you can’t shuttle from Pacifica to Rose. Shuttles are few and far between between Pacifica and Rose. One every hour and you have to make reservations. So annoying.

But what’s even worse, you book a shuttle to Rose, you can’t book a shuttle back until you arrive. We took the 6:00Pm shuttle to Rosa and arrived at 6:22pm. There were not shuttles back until 9:30pm. 7:30pm and 8:30pm were sold out. And you didn’t know that until you got there.

At Sunset hotel, you even have to shuttle around your hotel. Since the hotel property is straight up on the mountain side. I’m sure you get great views in every room but going up and down from your room the the beach and pools would be a trek. A long trek. Hence the monster golf carts shuttling about the property. I immediately disliked this place because of that. I do not want to shuttle everywhere at my hotel. Some places need to be within walking distance and nothing here is. Also the pools were quite small and we heard others complained about it.

Every time you eat or drink anything u sign a tab. Very annoying. You can’t even hold open a tab. Just an extra unnecessary step.

Noise at Sunset resort was insane. Loud full of kids. In fact all of the other resorts were jam packed with families.

And speaking of noise, New Years Eve was a disaster. It cost an extra $75 per person for a buffet dinner outside along the pool area with live music. And the party went all night. We could not sleep at all. It was super loud and annoying. Never again.


-Shuttles are not frequent enough. You end up waiting a lot.

-Food was average at best. If I got a fabulous deal, maybe it would be worth it. But we paid $900 a night. Thought the room was worth $200-$300. We did not eat and drink $600-$700 worth of food. Maybe if we got the room for $400 of less, I might think differently.

-overpriced. Anytime you travel between December 26-January 1, you get stuck paying a premium. I think it’s the priciest holiday!

-rooms noisy. Concrete walls but you can hear people above you.

-New Years Eve.

All in all, I would stay here again only for one night to play golf. None of our meals were very good. I would rather pay more and eat delicious food on my vacation.

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