BKR Paris Water Balm Review

I recently received the BKR Paris Water Balm in my sample Allure Beauty Box Subscription. This is touted as a lip balm-prep, meaning you can layer it under long wear lip stains that will keep your lips smooth without causing your lip color to fade.

Sephora says this is an ultra hydrating glossy lip balm made from rose, algae and essential biolipids with a light French rose scent. Retails .2 oz for $22.

As a huge fan of long wear lipsticks, the one downside is the dryness to my lips. Some long wear formulas are better than others but I pretty much find them all somewhat drying. So was this product the answer to my lip dryness?

It’s just a lip balm. I tried this under my long wearing lipstick and it turned my longwear into average wear. Lighter color longwear lipsticks fades quickly. I did have slightly better wear with darker long wear lipsticks. It kept the lipstick on and wasn’t as drying but that lipstick still faded a little. Which really wasn’t what the product promised.

Comes packaged in a clear plastic jar. Which I actually hate for germ reasons. Sticking my finger in the product is just so unsanitary. The gloss itself is slightly tacky with a consistency like Vaseline but thinner and more sticky. When I’m in bed, I don’t want a sticky balm to get my hair stuck in. I didn’t notice any scent.

While it was moisturizing, I actually prefer the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask to this product. I thought this product was average. I might have liked it better if it was just marketed as a lip balm, but the overblown marketing claiming to keep longwear lipstick on just rubbed me the wrong way.

After several weeks of trying this, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this is actually drying my lips out leaving them chapped. Although it seemed moisturizing, it’s added to my dry lips. So I would definitely skip this product for use as a lip moisturizer. I would still use it under dark all day lipsticks though for just a bit of extra moisture.

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