Cargo HD Picture Perfect Gradient Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve seen this on sale for quite a while over at Ulta and finally decided to pick this up. Big mistake! Quality of this palette is quite awful.

There are four gradient color tones to create a day and night looks. Each of the four color sections has three coordinating colors. This palette says it contains optical blurring and color adapting pigments that adjust to any lighting.

The compact is black rubber. Like the NARS packaging. I hate this packaging as after a few years the rubber deteriorates and gets sticky.

This product is so dry and chalky and lacks any pigment whatsoever. You can barely see any pigment at all. The lightest shades have no color, the middle shade barely shows up and the deepest shade is the only one that shows up. Formula is so sheer you can’t see any color. I tried to swatch and it barely shows on my fingers.

Retails for $28. I got it on sale for $14 and it is complete garbage. Skip this one.

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