Somaderm Review

Ugh. I’m fat and nothing works but a real diet and real exercise. I know, I know, it’s a life change. But I gotta try every short cut when they come out. When I was growing up, there was SlimFast, the grapefruit Diet, Atkins, laxatives, etc.

This year’s hot new diets are Detox herbal teas, Keto, apple cider vinegar, collagen supplements and Somaderm. I can tell you right now that the apple cider vinegar diet doesn’t work.

But my latest endeavor has been Somaderm. The trainer at my gym was raving about it along with several of his clients who said it works. So I decided to enter my latest diet trend.

Somaderm is a transdermal human growth (HGH) formula available without a prescription. The website lists all the ingredients. I’ve gone ahead and included it here.

This is supposed to be an overall anti-aging product. It supposedly does everything from weight loss, to increase sexual desire, hair growth, etc. The list goes on. Take a look at the claims I found online.

It sounded like a miracle cream. So I had to try it. I purchased one bottle for $169.99 but when you add shipping, it’s $190. Whew! pricey. The product comes in a pump bottle with 3.5 oz.

You spread one pump twice a day on your vein areas. I used my wrists, inner elbow, back of knees and underarms. You do this for five consecutive days and then two days off. Repeat.

Three months into it and I have seen no results. No weight loss, no hair growth, no healthier hair or skin. NOTHING. A complete waste of money. So skip this useless product!

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