Bumble and Bumble BB Color Gloss

Bumble and Bumble BB Color Gloss is an enhancing color gloss to boost and brighten color treated hair to keep your hair shiny and refresh color and brilliance. S-complex boosts shine and softens. Comes in 4 shades and clear. Retails for $34 for 5 oz.

To apply, you simply don some gloves, and squirt the dye in dry hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Very easy. I selected the brunette.

I have to preface that I tried this product with the intention to cover gray between colorings. I’m starting to get the grays and just need some type of quick fix. The product does not claim to cover gray hairs nor does it. It covered no gray hair at all.

So did it do anything else? Not really unless you call dying my scalp brown as something. My brown hair looked exactly the same. No color enhancement, no extra shine. Just some odd brown spots on my scalp. They faded after a couple shampoos but it just wasn’t the effect I wanted. I found this product to be a complete waste of money, pass on this one.

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