YotelAir Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

While on my one day trip over to Sweden, I ended up with an overnight in Amsterdam. Since I go to Amsterdam frequently, I decided to just stay near the airport before my early departure in the morning.

There’s several hotels at or near the airport. Most of the hotels are attached to the airport so you can walk in, but outside security. The Sheraton and Hilton were around $400 per night and the Citizen M was around $250.

So I thought about inside the airport. I’ve never stayed in one of these super tiny pod like hotels. I walked over to the Yotel Hotel. Inside Lounge 2, near D terminal. It’s upstairs behind the food court to the left.

I was unable to price this online last minute. Apparently you can only book online in advance.

The person at the desk was super nice and gave me a tour. Hallways of tiny cabins. Reminds me of small interior rooms on a cruise ship.

No windows. The overnight fee is 124 euro for a double and 97 for a single room. That’s from 6pm to 9 am. The double room has a double size bed that reclines. The single bed is more like a cabin/tomb.

You can also rent the pod rooms for a few hours between flights or even just purchase a shower. The rate for 4 hours in a single room was 54 euro.

I opted for the double. Tiny but functional. The room is freaking tiny. You really need to unpack what you need and then stow everything else under the bed where there is luggage space. Because once you unfold the bed, there’s really no room.

The bathroom is quite small and when the sink drains, it makes a loud sucking noise. Also the toilet flushing in my room is quite noisy.

My room was freezing. Probably to help kill off any germs. There’s a disinfectant type of smell here. Probably because they see so much traffic.

The television had about 22 channels, 8 of which were in English. Nothing very exciting here.

You can hear opening and closing if doors here quite easily. And any talking in the hall is really loud. I thought it would be more solo travelers in here but there are families too. I think you can hear more because you are close to the door and hallway. In a regular hotel room the bathroom is usually between door and bed so you can hear less.

There’s two panels near the bed. The actual bed controls were on the table edge next to the bed. The control panel in the bed was for lighting and temperature. It took me a few minutes to realize the bed controller was on the side of the end table.

The bed was actually pretty comfy. I slept well. Hearing people In the morning was not so great but I was flying out early, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Best part of hotel, checking out, grabbing a free coffee, and walking 5 minutes to my gate. No airport stress, checking in, etc. That’s really the whole point of sacrificing the space. So consider this hotel, if you have an early flight. Or to simply catch a few hours between flights.


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