Chantecaille Luminescent Eyeshadow

And this year’s worst product goes to…. Chantecaille Luminescent Eyeshadows. I have to say, I’ve never really been a fan of this line. I tried a couple items years ago but nothing ever stood out. I’ve loved looking at some of their animal collections, with a portion of the proceeds going to various animal charities but I usually just look. In fact this whole line is cruelty free. But the ridiculously over priced items have repeatedly lacked in quality.

When I spotted these eyeshadows and bronzer though, I had to have them. I had just returned from the Cinqueterra in Italy, so the packaging was on point. Beautiful heavy silver packaging with photos reminiscent of the beaches of Monterosso and other spots on the idyllic Italian Riviera. Part of the Positano Summer Collection of 2018.

But the love affair with the packaging ends with the actual product. Two shades only. Mare, a shimmery soft sea foam mint pale green and Sole, a shimmery soft pale golden peach. Both shades are Luminescent though, so they morph shades in different lighting.

The website claims this is a unique sheer gel powder with a pearlescent glow that doesn’t crease or crumble that can be worn sheerly or built up for more dramatic looks. Well I’m here to tell you that application with a regular brush is going to take forever to see any color. It’s so sheer, I had to apply tons of layers and it’s still too sheer. A synthetic or taklon brush with denser bristles is a necessity. And it’s still too sheer. Some people online recommended using your finger to get any decent color. Seriously? At this price point, I need to use my fingers for color payoff? I used it wet and finally got a little more pigment but it’s still just too sheer for me. Ridiculous. Even the Chantecaille model on their website barely has any color on. And it’s their own advertisement!

Chantecaille model is in the first photograph. The three swatch photos, I’ve somewhat tilted my hand so you can see the color morphing of the shades. Average sized of 2 g/.07 oz retails for a whopping $48 each! I’m a sucker for the packaging so I will be keeping these. Not for actual use though. Just for the package. And Chantecaille remains a big waste of money in my eyes!

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