LimeLife by Alcone Complete Concealer Review

Alcone started out as a family run business in 1952 which sold professional cosmetics to people in the film industry. In 2015 Alcone created LimeLife as a way for makeup artists to sell the best products from Alcone directly to their clients for a 25-30% commission. It’s now been expanded for any entrepreneurial males or females to become sales representatives.

In researching this product line, I’ve discovered that Alcone owns some of the most successful makeup brands in the world such as Makeup Forever, Avene, Ardell, Beauty Blender, Maybelline, Senna, Sigma and L’Oreal. Just to name a handful. There’s a ton more! Also due to trademark issues, LimeLife was initially named LimeLight, but that quickly changed.

Alcone took their top selling products and had those top brands manufacture them for Alcone which was then branded as LimeLife. Several formulas are supposedly exactly the same.

Waterproof Complete Concealer is Kroyolan Dermacolor. Perfect Eyeshadow is the original MAC formula. There are many more. Then the brand created original formulas and a skincare line free of harmful chemicals.

So now that you understand a little about the brand, let’s talk about my first product. I purchased the Complete Concealer. .10 oz of Concealer retails for a pricey $24. It comes in a plastic clamshell. They also supply a cheap cardboard flip palette to store it. I think the plastic clamshell will keep the product fresh longer. Gotta say, I don’t love the packaging.

So how’s the concealer? I dare say really good. It’s really pigmented. A very opaque full coverage concealer. The formula is quite thick. Since it’s in a pan, it’s drier than a squeeze tube or tube formula concealer. Usually this type of concealer is better for skin and not for the under eye area.

I picked it up in Medium 03. It is a great match for my NC30 light olive complexion. The formula worked well under my eyes when I first applied. But as the hours passed, this concealer faded into my fine lines. It works better on the skin. On the skin, this dry formula lasts all day and really covers. Overall, this is a good skin concealer. But I prefer it to cover skin rather than under eyes.

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