Cairo Ritz Carlton Nile River Hotel

My first visit to Cairo found me staying at the Ritz Carlton Nile River. I thought this hotel looked a little nicer than the Marriott near the pyramids.

This hotel is situated right on the Nile River and next to the Egyptian Museum. When you pull into the fenced entrance, you are checked for bombs and weapons. It turned out to be everywhere in Egypt and Jordan so don’t be alarmed.

The first thing that struck me was the smell. The hotel infuses the air with a delicious scent. Quite a nice reception after the smelly world of Cairo. Between the heavy pollution and lack of people using deodorant, it was refreshing every time we entered.

The hotel itself was nice. It had a pleasant lobby but nothing particularly stunning.

Upstairs the room was nice and large with a view of the Nile River. Funny thing, I thought the Nile River was going to seem somewhat desert like. Instead it’s like a floating Las Vegas. Cheesy colored lights. But it was still a nice view.

The beds were super comfortable with soft Egyptian cotton sheets. The bathroom was big and had everything you needed. The shower had good pressure and plenty of hot water.

The standout of the hotel was the restaurants. Probably the best food I had in the three countries I visited. There’s a large outdoor dining area where hookah is smoked and a belly dancer in the late evening. The ambience was really pretty and just created such an oasis from the crowded city of Cairo. Food was outstanding and decently priced.

Breakfast was also included. A large spread with pretty much everything you could want. Fresh fruit, made to order eggs, a large selection of pastries etc. it was very nicely done.

Overall, I really enjoyed this hotel and would recommend it. It’s a great escape from the chaos of Cairo.

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