Pasqualino Al Colosseo Review

Established in 1956 this restaurant is around the corner from the coliseum. I literally could find nothing highly ranked near my hotel. Ranked 2,835 out of 10,424 restaurants in Rome. I usually never go to a restaurant with such low ratings but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

There are outdoor table but it was raining and the umbrellas wouldn’t cover you completely so I opted to eat inside. Standard restaurant open area.

Menu is quite big and varied. There are also menus for different languages.

Aperol spritz was good size. Well made. Tasty and so very Italian.

Caprese salad was ok. Simple but the mozzarella wasn’t fresh. But you did get a lot of mozzarella. Standard. It was good and passable. Just not the best ever.

I ordered the house pasta special. Excellent. It’s a delicious al Dente pasta with a cream and pepper sauce, Casio e Pepe. Never would have ordered this but waiter suggested it as well as the reviews online. Fantastic. Served in this unique cheese bowl. So good. But it is salty. And the cream is very light. Just coating the noodle perfectly.

House rose wine also excellent. I would take this home in a second. It was that good.

The table next to me got The tiramisu and it looked amazing. They said it was amazing. In fact they scraped their plates clean the entire dinner.

The staff really is as good as the reviews say! Everyone was smiling and friendly. Genuinely looked happy which is so rare. I would return to this touristy restaurant that had authentic Italian fare.

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