Tarte Mermaid Shine Metallic Seaglass Eyeshadow Set

I was so excited about this metallic shadow set, I ordered it sight unseen. I wish I had swatched it beforehand, because I would not have ordered it.

This kit was released September 2018 for the holidays as part of the Rainforest of the Sea collection. These cream eyeshadows are formulated with vitamin E as well as marine plant extracts to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles while softening the skin. Those are pretty big claims for glitter eyeshadow.

4 x .063 oz. in four small mini doe foot applicators. Retails for $28. You get Suite Life, a shimmery champagne, Una Noche shimmery burgundy, Night Dive shimmery brown, and Speed Boat shimmery gunmetal with Olive hints. Notice that the website and product descriptions say shimmery. It’s not shimmery, it’s GLITTERY.

I absolutely hate glittery shadows. I’m not 20 anymore. I go out to gym and early dinners. Glittery shadows look ridiculous on me for my day to day look. I keep trying to just maybe add a pop but it just looks garish on me.

I liked the formula. Smooth and easy to apply. And dabbed on my hand, it doesn’t look quite as glittery. But smudge this softly and you get a glitter mess. Take a look at my photos.

The glitter was just too overpowering for me no matter how I tried to apply these. So back they go to Sephora!


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