Lorac Pro Conceal/Contour Palette

I picked up the Lorac Pro Conceal/contour Palette when it was at Ulta half off. $22.50 seemed like a good deal from the usual $45.

I usually don’t like concealers in Palettes. They dry out faster. I prefer a tube for sanitary reasons. Or even a pot where the air can be really removed. But if you are looking to contour your whole face, then having a variety of shades in one place is ideal.

This palette is an excellent way to contour. It’s got 5 concealers, from light to medium, 3 matte contour shades, and 4 highlighters. All in a creamy consistency to glide on skin or under eyes. You can really do anything with this palette. The concealers come in a good range for most light to medium skin tones. You might not like this palette if you are very fair or dark though.

The concealers are very pigmented. The formula is fairly thick to really cover a multitude of issues. The formula is also emollient enough for under eyes if you use an eye cream underneath.

The three dark contour shades are very soft. They are much smoother than the concealers and glide on effortlessly. You can use just a little for a subtle contour or layer the deeper shades for more effect. Blends beautifully on the skin.

The four highlighter shades are also very subtle. Just a little shimmer. Not glittery at all. The formula glides on smoothly. Soft and blendable. There isn’t much of a difference between the four shades. Peachy pink, golden, yellow, peach. But you can’t really see much difference on the skin. This goes on sheerly, so it’s very natural.

Overall, I think if you want to contour highlight and conceal your face with cream products, you can’t go wrong. Currently available but it does go on sale at Ulta periodically.

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