Retro Fashion

Do you ever find yourself watching old television reruns and end up wanting fashionable pieces you see on tv? They say fashion trends are cyclical and always come back. Watch some old television reruns or classic movies, and it’s definitely fact not fiction.

Recently while watching the original Charlie’s Angels, I noticed Sabrina wearing a name plate necklace. I always thought the nameplate necklace was a Carrie Bradshaw original. Remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore one on Sex and the City and you had to have one? Turns out Carrie Bradshaw just borrowed the trend from the 70’s and brought it back! Nowadays celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé are sporting their kids nameplate necklaces.

How about the ever so popular plaid shirts that are being seen everywhere today? Plaid flannel shirts are one item you can bet on coming back again and again. Remember them from Beverly Hills 90210? Plaid shirts are everywhere this season and last. They even go back well beyond that.

Ever watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Her leather jackets and denim jackets are just as popular and on trend today. Not to mention, cute ponytail!

Diana Prince’s trench coat? I dare say that an investment in a Burberry trench coat will last you your entire lifespan. As long as you don’t expand too much. Lol. Trench coats are a fashion staple for every wardrobe that will last forever.

I decided to research further back. Although television shows didn’t have as many female leads back then, I did manage to find That Girl Star Marlo Thomas and her over the knee boots from the 60’s. Could she have been the Stuart Weitzman inspiration for the 50/50 boot? Barbara Eden wore a great selection of minidresses other than her genie costume. I think the middle pic has Lily Pulitzer written all over it.

Clearly some fashionable items are just timeless. So before you toss anything in your closet, think about whether that item will stand the test of time. Of course, don’t become a packrat/hoarder either!

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