Julep Eyeshadow 101 Sticks

I love Julep’ eyeliners. There are fantastic. I got one a kit recently and fell in love. I plan on purchasing a few more. The kit also contained a creme to Powder Eyeshadow Stick. Then I found the shadow sticks at Ulta on sale so I picked up another. I’m a huge fan of Mally’s shadow sticks so I was hoping to like these.

These are touted as waterproof creme to powder shadow sticks with a pigmented creaseless formula that lasts all day. Retails for $18. On one end is the color and the other end is a blender sponge. Housed in a sleek silver tube.

I got Slate Shimmer and Plum Shimmer. Slate Shimmer is a true gunmetal shimmer and Plum is a true purple shimmer. Both shades are very pretty. Glide on smoothly and last on the lids all day. I found that they didn’t last under the eyes as long.

Although the colors are pretty, none are super unique. I have all the shades within my Mally collection of shadow sticks. I also found these broke at the base and the shadow stick falls out of the tube if you are not careful. So although there is nothing wrong with this product, I just don’t need them. Now if the holidays bring about a great set, I might get tempted to repurchase!

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