Lorac Porefection Concealer Review

I’m a sucker for concealers and picked these up from Hautelook. Seventy percent off always gets me, so I shelled out some money to try a couple of these. These originally retailed for $24. You can still find them on a variety of websites on sale.

Lorac describes this concealer as an oil, paraben and fragrance free product enriched with antioxidants of vitamins A, C and E, olive oil extract, lemon fruit extract, papaya fruit extract, and white peony to help brighten and nourish the under eye area while covering imperfections. Designed for all skin types including sensitive skin. This product also has a great color selection so everyone can find a match.

Lorac Porefection Concealer comes in a squeeze tube with applicator tip. You can really control the amount you get. I prefer a squeeze tube as air doesn’t dry out the product.

I picked up two of these. Medium (PC 5) and Medium Beige (PC 6). The shades are almost identical.

You can’t see a difference when the colors are blended. Medium is on the top and Medium Beige is on the bottom. I’ve taken a few photos blending the colors.

The formula thins out a bit despite being pigmented. So this gave me decent coverage. I’ve definitely used better buts it’s not awful.

The formula did tend to crease ever so slightly in my fine lines. It’s got a slight shine when applied. A setting powder usually helps with this type of concealer. (Like It Cosmetics). But unfortunately the setting powder didn’t help the creasing. It decreased the shine but did nothing to prevent the concealer from settling into my wrinkles.

Unfortunately this product is a miss for me. When something is too cheap, I should know better than to keep buying them!


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