Royal 35 Steakhouse In Manhattan Review

I came into the city not wanting steak. But my hotel is down the street from this restaurant. Number 16 out of 10,740 restaurants in Manhattan. It’s so well ranked and it was so close and I was starving.

I’ve never even heard of this place. And I’ve been going to all the big nyc steakhouses for years.

The restaurant was empty when I arrived at 4pm. The decor is old school wood paneled walls with wine bottles lining the halls. The tables dark and red walls with a cool fireplace and banquet seating and chairs. The place is small. Just one room. The bar area has three table and just four seats at at mini bar. On the way to dining room is a fridge where the beef is dry aged.

Menu is typical classic steakhouse choices. Steaks, a few appetizers, classic salads and some potatoes and vegetables options.

I ordered the iceberg wedge salad and petite filet. And a glass of house rose wine.

They offered me bread and butter. Three fresh delicious breads. An onion roll to die for, a soft french bread and a mini baguette . All delicious. I had to force myself to stop.

i ordered the salad and steak together so i could make a steak salad.

The petite filet mignon was perfectly cooked. It was chargrilled and sautéd in butter! Really the answer to who’s better Ruth Chris or Morton’s. You get the butter steak and the grilled steak! It was delicious.

They served the filet with a steak sauce instead of a bernaise. I usually prefer a bernaise, But it was really good.

The iceberg lettuce was crisp. The bacon bits were the huge thick pieces that let u know you are eating high end bacon. The blue cheese dressing was homemade but not my favorite. It was very sharp. But don’t get me wrong it was still great just not the best ever.

This was really an excellent steakhouse. I would love to go back and try some of the other dishes.

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