MAC Technakohl Eyeliner Review

Seems like MAC has several different types of eyeliners. They have technakohls. They have powerpoints, the have pro wear long wear eyeliner, eye Kohl’s, chroma Line, chromagraph, etc. So many. I thought the PowerPoints smudged and weren’t worth repurchasing. So let’s checkout the technakohls.

Tthe technakohls smudge as bad as the powerpoints. It’s an Automatic pencil that glides on smoothly but smudge within a few hours. You do get a lot of pigment with one swipe without tugging the delicate skin around the eye.

I picked up Take the Plunge and Practice Makes Perfect at a Cosmetic Outlet store. My favorite color, a blue green teal color. Very pretty. However the smudging was awful.

Take the Plunge is on top. It’s just a hint more green but you can’t really see the difference on the eye.

These pencils retail for $18 and not even worth it on sale. Skip these.

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