MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Review

MAC comes out with more collections than any other brand on the planet. Or at least it feels like it. I spent a few years collecting MAC but it got overwhelming and I had to quit cold turkey. Half the time it just feels like repeats.

Recently at a cosmetic outlet shop, I picked up several items. Most were misses. The Fluidliner Eyeliner was no exception to that.

Fluidline Eyeliner is a now defunct automatic eyeliner pencil. Touted to be longwearing with high pigment. Easy to apply.

Once again the claims for long wear have failed. In south Florida it’s extremely hot and humid. I need a liner that doesn’t leave me with smudges. Personally my go-to Eyeliner will be a pot or liquid. Most pencil eyeliners just don’t wear as long. Which is unfortunate since the application is so much easier in an automatic pencil.

This eyeliner managed to smudge within a couple hours of wear. Easy glide on application with pure pigment. I like the automatic swivel pencil since you don’t have to sharpen it. But the smudging is a deal breaker for me.

I picked up Wilted Willow and Deep Blue Sea. Wilted Willow is a beautiful grayed olive color and Deep Blue Sea is a bright blue with teal undertones. Both colors are beautiful.

Unfortunately the smudging is a deal breaker for me. But if they work for you grab some before they sell out. Originally retailed for $18. I found them for $8.

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