Lapin Sauté Restaurant in Quebec City

Once again I used my trusty TripAdvisor to find a restaurant in old town Quebec City. The small tourist city is filed with choices. This one fit the bill, small with specialty Canadian French cuisine.

They had quite a big menu but I opted for the tasting menu. The specialty here is rabbit! So I had to try it.

The inside is cute in a historic old building. There is an outside seating patio as well. And although it was chilly, the location of the patio blocks wind. I was actually perfectly comfortable with views of a tiny park as well as people-watching tourists go by.

My first dish was a French Onion Soup. Fantastic. A traditional onion flavor with abundant mozzarella cheese melted over the top.

next I tried the rabbit poutine. I can’t say I like poutine. It’s a gravy on top of fries with cheese curds. Mine came with shredded rabbit. The rabbit was delicious. Tender. The dish was ok. I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea.

Finally I finished off with a creme brûlée. Good flavor but it was a little soupy. I prefer my creme brûlée more like a custard.

But overall I enjoyed my lunch and felt like I got to taste a bit of Quebec.

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