Bis Restaurant In Montreal Review

If you follow my blog, you can see I really like Italian food. I’ve eaten it around the world. I’m kinda obsessed!

But anyways. My latest stop was Montreal, Canada. I was supposed to meet friends in Dubai and India but suddenly full flights made non revenue travel impossible. So I headed for a mini vacation to Montreal. Known as quite a foodie city, it’s Renowned for its French cuisine and poutine.

Bis Restaurant was ranked number 28 of 4,911 restaurants in Montreal. Overall, It was good but not great. I fear the High ranking is overrated or maybe Montreal food isn’t that great. Located in the shopping business new town area of Montreal. Just west of the Old Town.

I got here early so didn’t need a reservation. Menu had traditional Italian dishes with a couple of Canadian inspired dishes. I decided to go with classic.

I ordered the Savage cocktail. A blend of vodka, fresh lemonade, grenadine and frozen strawberries. Simple yet yummy. They served me an amuse Bouche of two small lamb meatballs. Really good. Should have stuck with red sauce dishes. They arrived with some fresh delicious bread and olive oil. I was missing some balsamic vinegar or Parmesan. But bread was still good.

Next, I got the buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes. Classic. Tomatoes served cold. I hate that. They Should be room temperature. The tomatoes weren’t especially ripe or tasty. Kinda bland. But what I really wanted was salt. Good but I’ve had much better, fresher.

My main course was the veal saltimboca. Expertly pounded very thin with a delicious light wine sauce. I shouldn’t even say sauce. More of glaze. Very light. However I had a piece of sage between the veal And prosciutto that just kept overpowering the sauce. The bites without the sage were great.

I had an excellent glass of house Pinot Grigio with dinner. The wine list was quite extensive with a lot of options.

I passed on dessert but the staff brought me fresh walnuts and a little piece of biscotti, which was a nice touch. It was prepackaged biscotti but still a nice touch.

Speaking of the staff, really good service with genuinely friendly waiters. Owner stopped by which I also appreciate. There are some pics near the entrance with celebs but it looked like quite some time ago.

Overall, I thought this was good but not great. As nice as everyone was. I can’t say I would come back.

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