Urban Decay Born to Run Lipstick I’m Ready Review

Urban Decay Born to Run collection was meant to be mine. A travel inspired makeup collection. I fell in love. I previously reviewed the shadow palette. It was a hit. This lipstick not so much.

Urban Decay Born to Run Lipstick I’m Ready is a gorgeous rose pink peach color with shimmer. It’s such a great color. It’s not a boring nude or bright red but the perfect pop of color.

The lipstick applies like any other lipstick. It’s in a bullitt tube with cute travel pictures. It has no scent and wears standard lipstick time. A couple hours. It glided on smoothly. The glitter shimmer made it a little drying but it mostly felt like a standard lipstick. The glitter shimmer gives this a metallic sheen so trendy right now.

My big issue with this lipstick is after it comes off. The microfine glitter gets all over your mouth. I ate lunch. Wiped my mouth and had glitter all over my mouth area. It just my lips. And it’s not like I eat like some wild animal. The glitter just spreads. Now it’s very fine particles but it really annoyed me.

This lipstick did remind me of Laura Geller Tropics lipstick. If you have ever seen Laura Geller present this on QVC, you’ve heard her describe the color as the perfect peachy pink. I swiped them side by side. The Urban Decay is on the left. The Laura Geller is a little lighter with no microfine glitter.

I love the color but unfortunately Urban Decay Born to Run Lipstick In Ready is getting returned. Retails for $18.

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