Latino Taverna Restaurant Review in Windsor UK

After several nights of Italian, my husband and I were looking for a different cuisine. We happened to be visiting Windsor Castle and wanted to grab lunch. It was a beautiful day and we wanted to sit outside. If you have been to Windsor, you probably know that most restaurants around the castle are mediocre tourist traps.

Latino Taverna was ranked eighteen over on TripAdvisor. Pretty high in a town of 176 restaurants. And it’s right off the main strip of the castle. I think the name sounds a little odd. It’s not Spanish so why the Latino? But I’ll continue.

We wanted to get lamb gyros. They didn’t have any. We were disappointed but since we couldn’t decide, we opted for the lunch meze. It was 15,95 pounds a person. It seemed kinda steep but we were hungry. What a pleasant surprise.

It ended up being one of our favorite lunches. We started out with appetizers and pita bread. Six fantastic different flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. There was hummus, tabouili salad, taramasalata, potato salad, olives, tzastiziki, melitzanosalata.

Next came mussels and fried calamari. Both were delicious. The mussels were in a bowl so we didn’t have to mess with shells. The calamari was lightly breaded yet juicy. Very good and generous portions.

By the time our third course came, we were stuffed. There was a delicious fresh Greek salad, chicken skewers, meatballs, Greek cheese and sausages. Such a great array of dishes. We tried things we never would have if not for the tasting menu. It was great.

The last two photos are of the Chinese restaurant right next door. Built in 1423. This is one of the oldest buildings in Windsor. The first Windsor fire station was built here and King Charles used to meet his mistress in the cellar. Fun facts. But don’t forget to check out Latino Taverna on your next visit to Windsor.

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