Luigi’s Restaurant Review in Sandwich Kent

On a recent golf holiday to medieval Sandwich, Kent, my husband and I stumbled into this restaurant. It’s right on the main drag of this cute town. Luigi’s is located upstairs. I wish the restaurant had outdoor seating but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Upstairs is a great open dining area with a small bar at the front end. The menu was typical traditional Italian fare. For a small restaurant, this place has a great wine menu with a lot of options.

I started with an Aperol Spritz and switched to wine. Great all the way around. For appetizers we tried the bruschetta and bufalina choices. Both great. The bruschetta was fantastic. Simple with perfect flavoring. The bufalina was fresh mozzarella with rocket and sliced Parma ham with one piece of bruschetta pomodoro. Perfection.

We also tried a couple of the entrees and pizzas. All were fantastic. The pizza was thin and crispy. We really enjoyed this place and came back a few times during our stay in Sandwich. Don’t miss out!

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