Beauty Swag Box Review

I’ve been getting the Allure subscription box for a few years now. It was originally called the Allure Beauty Thrills Box. It would come out once a year and was so popular it spread to three boxes a year. Originally, you had to wait for Allure magazine to come out with an ad about the box and ordering began on a certain date for limited time. Now you can order all three boxes in advance for the year. It also doesn’t seem to sell out anymore. It used to be gone in a couple hours.

Inside you get all these fun full size products to try. There are a few samples too but mostly full size products. While a lot of products are drugstore brands, there are usually some higher end products. Like the Wen products. The full sizes will cost you close to $100. Considering the box was $49.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling, that’s not a bad deal. But I have to say, I have a big back up of Wen, as it’s been the full size products the last several boxes.

The box also contains a majority of hair care products. I must have 20 full size bottles of hairspray that I never use. The rest of the products are hit or miss. Love dry hairspray, hate gel products!A lot of the skincare I can’t use because it’s not for acne. This box finally had a charcoal mask. The past four were for normal to dry skin. But I give a lot of gifts out.

Overall, this is a fun box to get. I probably shouldn’t waste my money since I never really love anything but it’s fun to get and i do use quite a few things even if they are not my favorite.

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