La Sorrentina Restaurant Review in Sunninghill UK

In the small town of Sunninghill is a taste of little Italy. From the warm welcoming staff to the delicious food, this restaurant is truly a delectable taste of Italy in a tiny English town.

La Sorrentina is a top rated restaurant in the Sunninghill/Ascot area On TripAdvisor. Knowing my love of pizza and the fact that this restaurant was a 10 minutes walk from my hotel, this was a no brainer. And boy am I glad. We came here three nights. It was that good. The entire staff including owners Adriano and Ella were warm and welcoming.

The prices were reasonable. We tried a variety of items over our three visits and each menu item held its own. The house wines were all a nice selection. We tried several appetizers, the bruschetta, the mussels, the tricolore salad and the gnocchi. All wonderful. For dinner we tried traditional dishes like lasagna and spaghetti bolognese to specialty veal dishes. All were great. And in addition, fantastic pizzas. Crispy throughout with great sauce. All in all, every meal here was memorable.

Make sure to make a reservation especially on the weekend. It was packed Thursday and Friday during our visit in the middle of September. But if you are in this area, don’t miss the gem!

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