Estee Edit The Eyeshadow Palette Review

Estée Edit is an offshoot brand of Estée Lauder that was designed to target millennials in 2016. After less than a year, Estée Lauder discontinued the brand for poor sales. Even bringing in Kendall Jenner as an influencer couldn’t save the brand.

I picked up the Gritty and Glow Magnetic Eyeshadow palette December of 2016 and was in love. But everything else seemed expensive and not too unique. Then Sephora got rid of this line and cleared items out at 30% off. I quickly grabbed several pencil liners, lip liners, lip sticks, lip balm and shadow sticks. Really loved the products I picked up.

Since then, I’ve run into this brand at some random discount stores like Off Saks in San Diego. But it was still priced too high, so I didn’t get anything.

So imagine my excitement when I spotted this brand at a Cosmetic Company Outlet in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. And to boot…. 80% off and buy one get one free! I had to clarify that wasn’t a misprint.

So in my excitement, I picked up this palette and some gel liners in pots. The Edit Eyeshadow Palette comes in a sleek white plastic hard palette with the signature blue paint splash. A nice durable case with a mirror. It includes 14 eyeshadows.

The two biggest shades are supposed to be transformers. Claims to change the shadows. Guess what? They do nothing but add the slightest glitter shimmer to the eye shadows. You can barely see them. One silver and one gold. Complete waste.

The gold is on the right. As you can see, these barely show up.

So how’s the rest of the colors? Hit and miss.

The light shades lack pigment and the dark colors go on crazy dark. From the bottom, you have the taupey brown set. So pretty in the pan. But barely any color payoff. The purples have a nice even shade, a pretty lilac and darker purple. Then the graphite and black have a ton of pigment. Next, the light peach and darker peach barely appear. Both are matte. Neither flattering. Followed by the taupey set. Also barely any color. And finally the medium chocolate and a dark chocolate. They look almost identical.

Overall, this may be one if the most disappointing palettes I ever purchased. It’s not even worth the $4 I paid! Skip this one.

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