Macdonald Berysted Hotel in Ascot UK Reviewj

I think a hotel is only as good as its staff. This hotel is a work in progress. Or at least I hope. My five night stay at this hotel was a series of ups and downs.

On night one, we checked it. My first thoughts… this hotel is a bit further away from town than I like. The nearest village is Sunninghill. A handful of restaurants 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. Or .02-.03 miles. Ascot is about half hour walk or 1.5 miles away. Ascot is quite a bit larger but please take into consideration driving. Why you might ask? Driving on the wrong side of the road and parking are big deals. I like to drink and don’t want a DUI. The distance from the hotel isn’t a “walk in the city”. It’s a walk down a darkly lit tree lined street through a residential area, Just a little creepy. Would I feel safe alone? No. Although this area is deemed quite safe. I just don’t like to take chances.

However I have to admit the rooms are pretty good. The room is nicely appointed with decent space. The beds are comfortable. There are also nice linens. Towels are plush but they only gave us one large bath towel. Rest were all small hand towels. Shower is good with plenty of hot water and good pressure.

This hotel also has air conditioning! What a bonus. I like a freezing cold room. So this was great.

So I’m at a 50/50 split at this point. Room good, location decent. So what’s a hotel judged by now? Service and staff. And this is where this hotel starts losing points. From losing all my husbands pants to failing to deliver my ordered room service. This hotel hasn’t a clue. The majority of the staff are foreign with limited English. So anything you ask for is met with a bewildered look. After trying several times to communicate, you just give up and go to the front desk.

There were also several other stupid details that a hotel shouldn’t make. There’s a bar, called Acanthus that wraps around to the back where the actual restaurant is. In between the bar and restaurant is several couches and comfy chairs to enjoy cocktails. The bartenders don’t really know how to make a lot of different drinks. Another example of untrained staff. They were friendly but a customers request for bitters and gin was met with confusion. She did explain to the bartender how to make it and he did so willingly. As for ringing up my bill? The bartender actually gave me my bill and put it on the wrong room. I kindly told him. But how many charges went to my room incorrectly?

The restaurant itself is was pretty good. Prices seem a bit high but they have a nice array. We had fish and chips and a burger the first night. Both were good. Service was a little slow but everyone was pleasant. We went back a second time and had a great mozzarella salad and a decent sirloin steak.

We also left a room service breakfast request one morning on the door. The slip was taken. The next morning breakfast failed to arrive. After a half hour, we let the front desk know we had to go.

We also laundered pants and shirts. Supposed to be same day delivery. Which at 8.50 pounds for a pair of trousers is ridiculous. But none the less, we needed it done. That night no pants arrived. We complained to management who took three days to find our missing pants. Turns out they were in another room. All we got was an apology. I actually had to request a refund for the dry cleaning. My husband had to wash his only pants in the sink and buy a new pair.

Every day our room was cleaned. But it was pretty funny that staff failed to take any dirty cups. We had 8 dirty glasses collected before they removed them. We actually noticed that another patron left a tray of glasses on the floor.

On our last day, we got stuck in the elevator. First time we tried it. Never again. My husband had to pry the doors open after we hit the emergency button. Luckily it was near the proper exit point. Staff just said sorry.

Oh and FYI. As we were checking out, another patron was telling the front desk that they were calling the police for items missing from their room. I hope everything worked out. But seriously, too many mishaps for a four star hotel. Or any hotel.

This hotel has the potential to be a 4 star once it upgrades the staff. Either through training or better management. I would be hesitant to stay here again.

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