Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer Review

I will pretty much try any concealer out there in a quest for the perfect one. And you have to have several for different areas and in a few shades. And as we age, you need different concealers to battle different things.

This one appealed to me because it has sunscreen in it. I admit, sometimes I go to the pool with nothing but a little sunscreen under my eyes so my dark circles won’t get worse. No other sunscreen but under the eye so I can get a tan. Awful, I know. And now that I’m doing a six month cycle of dermal infusions and IPL, I have to start wearing sunscreen and stop tanning. Ugh.

But I grabbed this because it’s the only under eye concealer I’ve seen with sunscreen. This is designed as a multitask concealer for under eye, eye primer, highlighter and a blemish concealer in one. Marketed as crease proof that will smooth the contours of the eyes while fading away dark circles and correcting skin tones. Contains vitamin c for brightening and smoothing, neuropeptides to fight wrinkles and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for SPF. Retails for $35 for .3 fl oz. Comes in fair, light and medium.

I grabbed it in medium. It’s a little light for my nc30 skin but a pretty good color for under the eye as I like that to be a little lighter and to brighten. It has a doe foot applicator which is easy to use.

The formula is very thick and hard to blend. You definitely need an eye cream underneath for a smoother application. It also tends to very slightly crease under the eye due to the thickness.

The top picture shows how thick the formula is. The bottom photo I blended out the bottom. You can see slightest creasing.

I still like the fact that this has SPF. I will keep using it for pool days. But it may not be the best purchase for most people unless you want the SPF.

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