Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution Review

At 46 years of age, my gray hairs are starting to become more plentiful. For a few years I was able to pluck the gray hairs out. Yes, I’ve heard the old wives tail that two grow back. Maybe that’s why I have more now! Or maybe it’s just more grays come in as we age.

Nevertheless, plucking is no longer an option. Too many hairs! My hairdresser said it wasn’t really enough grays yet for full coverage hair coloring if I didn’t want to go that route. She suggested gloss or semi permanent color along with a few other high end salon options.

The cheap side of me decided to purchase a cheap semi permanent hair color from Sally’s Beauty Supply store.

The Clairol Beautiful Collection is the substitute for the discontinued Loving Care by Clairol. I used to love that product. In college I actually used it to cover up a few do-it-yourself home highlight mistakes. Sadly it was discontinued for low sales.

This product is supposed to be similar to Loving Care with no ammonia and no peroxide but also contains jojoba oil. To apply simply squirt this on shampooed hair and leave on for 25 minutes. Rinse and go. Washes out in 1-12 shampoos.

It was easy to apply. I like that there’s no mixing. But that’s about all that worked. After rinsing it out, my towel ended up with brown stains.

But I could live with the towel if the color actually stayed on my head. After I dried my hair, my grays were still there. I checked out reviews online and this product simply works for some and doesn’t work for others.

Unfortunately I’m in the latter group. Too bad, because the easy use and $10 price tag were very appealing.

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