Maybelline Metallic Foil Liquid Lip Review

I saw this on another website, Musings of a Muse. I like her reviews so thought I would grab it. Although I go to Ulta frequently, I never seem to be there when the new drugstore purchases are available. I happened to be placing an order online and just threw this in my bag.

This is a liquid lipstick that delivers a smooth matte metallic effect. Retails for $8.99 for 5ml.

Glides on effortlessly with no scent. The doe foot applicator is easy to get a perfect finish. The formula is lightweight and dries down to a matte metallic finish. It’s not sticky or tacky. Overall, a nice formula.

Wears the same as a lipstick but has no moisture. Lasts about five hours or until you eat. It’s not drying but it didn’t add any moisture either. I felt like I needed a gloss or lip balm over the top. But i like to keep my lips moisturized.

I picked up Luna, a soft pink rose.

Compared to the Smashbox Vlada last week, the color is more of a soft pink rather than copper rose or deeper rose shade. The formula is quite similiar to the Always On Petal Liquid Lipstick in In Bloom.

The maybelline is on the left and the smashbox is on the left. The maybelline is more true pink rose while the smashbox was more peachy rose. The smashbox was also a tad more metallic and slightly thicker.

Its nicely pigmented with a definite metallic finish. Very pretty on. I think the Smashbox had a better color range. Several of the colors released in this collection were not wearable for my lifestyle.

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