Love, Simon Movie Review

Since I’m on the plane so much, I watch an inordinate amount of movies. Once I watch the movies I’m interested in, I get desperate enough to start watching anything. Half the time, I don’t even finish the movie if after an hour, I’m still not invested.

Love, Simon was a movie that had me pleasantly surprised. It’s a teen coming of age story. I got to admit, I love this genre. From my generation 80s classics like Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club, to the 90s She’s All That and Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead, to 2000’s Bring it On and Mean Girls. And this decades Easy A and Pitch Perfect. The teen coming of age comedies are some of my all time favorite flicks.

Love, Simon was cute! Released in March 2018 starring Nick Robinson as Simon Spier. The film added Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel as his parents in minor roles but gave us old timers a familiar well loved face.

The story begins with Simon and his high school friends who have a great popular social circle. Simon is a closeted gay high school boy who is afraid to come out. Friend Leah tells Simon about a school-wide blog in which another student at the school admits he is gay but remains anonymous. Simon begins emailing this student and they form a friendship which leads to a crush. Simon keeps imagining who can be his mysterious friend. Simon accidentally leaves the emails on the school computer one day which is discovered by geek villain Martin who blackmails Simon to fix him up with one of Simon’s friends.

Simon ends up betraying his group of friends while attempting to fix up Martin. Eventually Martin posts Simon’s email on the school blog and exposes Simon’s sexuality. This leads Simon’s friends to discover that he betrayed them as well and Simon is suddenly an outcast.

After two students bully Simon, he confides to his parents and mends their rift. Simon apologizes to his friends and posts in the school blog, asking his crush to meet him at the Ferris wheel. After the obligatory “will he show up” movie climax, Simon meets his crush and they live happily ever after.

I got teary eyed and then decided to write this review to let others know to catch this movie. It wasn’t on my movie must-see list but now that I got to see it, I want to recommend it. Rent it or watch it on your next travel adventure.

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